uk families great distress at possible clemency for bali terror bombers

Statement by UK Bali Bombing Victimsí Group

Families of those killed and those injured are deeply alarmed and distressed at recent press reports of the possible early release or clemency in relation to several of those convicted of involvement in the terrorist bombings in Bali.

It is notable that the early release of those convicted is being contemplated whilst key terrorists still remain either at large or yet to be bought to justice.  We wish to remind the world that the alleged bomb maker Nordin Mohamed Top is still at large and the alleged mastermind Hambali is in American custody with no date set for his trial. 

The Indonesian authorities are contemplating the early release of some of those convicted of involvement in the bombing without having caught or brought to justice some of the most key terrorists involved.  This sends an alarming message to the travelling public and is a blow to those still struggling to cope with the effects of the 2002 Bali bombing. In addition, this can only serve to exacerbate the current climate of unease regarding the global terrorist threat.

The Terrorists who murdered and maimed so indiscriminately and mercilessly on 12 October 2002 inflicted a life sentence of suffering to so many both injured and bereaved around the world, with no prospect of release or clemency. It is deeply inappropriate and distressing to be discussing clemency in this context.